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No you can take our classes for free if you like. Simply go to: FREE ONLINE CLASSES

On the upper right corner of the website, click the link that says "Sign In". After entering your login information you will be taken to your account page. To enter your classroom you may click the "My Classroom" link that appears on the navigation menu on every page except checkout.

The entire course can be completed online in about an hour. You can start, stop and skip around as much as you like. There is no time limit so you can start the course whenever you like and finish at your leisure. There is also no charge to re-take the course or exam so you can take it as many times as necessary. 

Anytime you make a mistake with your address or CVV security code, the transaction declines but a hold may be placed on the card in the amount of the transaction. This hold is automatically released in about 3 business days. You must enter the correct billing address and zip code that your bank has on file. This is usually the same address where your monthly statements are mailed.

Yes you can use a friend, coworker, relative or anyone's card to purchase the class. However, you must enter the credit card holder's information on the billing page. We use AVS security, which means we verify the address entered on the billing page, matches the address that the credit card company or bank has on file. 

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